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New Sculptures for 2018 Art Show

We are excited to reveal William Daggett's new sculptures for the 2018 art season. In broad strokes, they are a nice blend of animals and flames—and in one case, a combination of the two.

In addition to the ancient Juniper sculptures, this year, William is also featuring bronze versions of some of his most beloved sculptures. Two are already available and four others are forthcoming later this spring. Featured here is Humdinger's head.

Visit his Bronze page for full views of Humdinger and others.


Please come out and visit William in his working gallery out at the 2018 Arizona Fine Art Expo. He is booth #93, same as last year.

The art show began today (Jan 12th) and runs through March 25th. Hope to see you!

(Side note: some of these are already sold. To see if available, click on each sculpture and reference notes.)


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